Jamie Demetriou on the Success of ‘Stath Lets Flats’ and His New Netflix Show ‘Whole Life Time’

Jamie Demetriou

Jamie Demetriou is a rising star in the world of British comedy, having gained critical acclaim and a growing fanbase with his hit series “Stath Lets Flats.” The show, which Demetriou created, wrote, and stars in, follows the misadventures of Stath, a bumbling Greek-Cypriot lettings agent working in London. The show has been praised for its sharp writing, hilarious characters, and brilliant performances, with Demetriou’s portrayal of Stath earning particular praise.

Now, Demetriou is set to take on a new challenge with his upcoming Netflix series, “Whole Life Time.” The show, which Demetriou describes as “a surrealist, existential comedy,” follows a group of characters as they navigate their way through life, exploring themes such as love, mortality, and the meaning of existence.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Demetriou opened up about the success of “Stath Lets Flats,” the challenges of creating a new show, and what fans can expect from “Whole Life Time.” Demetriou admitted that the success of “Stath Lets Flats” came as a surprise to him, saying, “I didn’t expect it to be this big. I had no idea it would become such a cult thing.” He went on to explain that the show’s success was due in large part to its unconventional approach to comedy. “We didn’t worry too much about jokes or punchlines,” he said. “We just wanted to create a world that was funny and absurd.” Despite the success of “Stath Lets Flats,” Demetriou said that creating a new show was a daunting prospect. “It’s terrifying, because you’re starting from scratch,” he said. “You’re building a new world, and you don’t know if it’s going to work.”

However, Demetriou is confident that “Whole Life Time” will connect with audiences, thanks to its unique blend of comedy and existentialism. “It’s a show that deals with big themes, but it’s also very funny,” he said. “We’re not trying to preach or be too heavy-handed. We just want to explore these ideas in a way that’s entertaining and thought-provoking.”

For fans of “Stath Lets Flats,” Demetriou promised that “Whole Life Time” would be just as inventive and off-the-wall. “We’re pushing the boundaries even further with this show,” he said. “It’s going to be a wild ride.” With “Stath Lets Flats” already a hit and “Whole Life Time” generating buzz ahead of its release, it’s clear that Jamie Demetriou is one of the most exciting voices in British comedy right now. Fans will no doubt be eagerly anticipating his next move, as he continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of comedy.

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