Kevin O’Leary Names Two Ethereum Rivals That He Believes Could Challenge ETH’s Dominance

The second rival was Cardano (ADA), which O’Leary said has a “solid team” and is “doing some interesting things in terms of scalability.”

While O’Leary acknowledged that Ethereum currently has the largest developer ecosystem, he said that “there’s nothing to stop another platform from coming along and taking away some of that developer interest.”

O’Leary also warned that Ethereum could face regulatory challenges in the future, as the SEC has already begun to crack down on ICOs that were conducted on the Ethereum network.

Overall, O’Leary remains bullish on cryptocurrencies, saying that he thinks they have a “bright future” despite the current bear market.

Do you agree with Kevin O’Leary? Do you think EOS and Cardano could challenge Ethereum’s dominance? Let us know in the comments!

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