Ramisnotfaded On His Success In Music & Reaching One Million Streams

Ramisnotfaded is a 17 year old hiphop artist from Pasadena, California. Being inspired at a young age from JuiceWRLD & other artists he began to follow his dreams and make his own music. Defeating all in the way on his path, he passed many artists who have been in the game longer than himself.

Ramisnotfaded reached over one million streams on his single “You And I” , a song about heartbreak and love that was felt by the audience.  Not only did he conquer millions of streams on his Spotify but he grew a massive following of over 14,000 Instagram followers. His music has been trending and reaching the ears of record labels, so before anyone knows it, he will be heard everywhere.

He has worked with many musicians that artists would desire like Killbunk, who himself has over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and just over 1 million listeners on Spotify. He has also been to Iann Dior’s house and got music advice to better his career. Bettering himself and others he works with from what he has learned, all from knowing one of Iann’s close friends h4lftime.

Ramisnotfaded takes his priorities and puts them together. He builds his connections well in the music industry, and learns from them. Like any musician he’s made mistakes but has fully embraced his music career, leading himself to success. Ramisnotfaded is coming out of his hometown proud, even though others will hate on his success. Keep updated on him and his career by following his socials below.

You can keep up with Ramisnotfaded via his Instagram here

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