Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Jake Paul Expects Anderson Silva To Make Biggest Career Payday By Boxing Him.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Jake Paul claims that he’s not only helping Silva prepare for his upcoming fight against Israel Adesanya, but he’s also teaching him how to be an influencer. “I’m actually teaching him a lot about social media and being an influencer, because I think that’s his next move,” Paul said. “He has a lot of potential in that area.”

Silva is known for being one of the most popular fighters in the UFC, and with Paul’s help, he could reach even greater heights on social media.

At the second press conference for Paul vs. Silva, which takes place Oct. 29 at Gila River Arena, Paul expected Silva to make a career-high payday.

“I do think so, I think this could be the biggest payday of his career,” Paul said.

“Just because this is like my first big fight. As crazy as that sounds, all the other fights have been like, decent, but this is the first big, big fight, with another massive name who brings a ton of business to the table.

“Tyron Woodley never really sold that many pay-per-views. Ben Askren didn’t sell any PPVs. Nate Robinson never fought. [AnEsonGib] doesn’t sell PPVs – the stadium was empty when Gib fought. So this is the first time I’m fighting someone who brings just as much to the table as I do.”

Asked whether the smile on his face was as much about his payday as Silva’s, Paul played coy.

“Oh, I don’t know It would be great,” he said. “I want the event to do well, obviously.”

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