Ben Affleck and Matt Damon launch new production company “Air”

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Hollywood stars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have announced the launch of a new production company called “Air”. The company aims to produce film and television projects and will be led by CEO Jennifer Todd, who previously produced Affleck’s film “Live by Night”. The announcement was made during the 2022 Grammy Awards on Sunday, where Affleck and Damon were presenting the award for Best Rap Album.

Affleck and Damon have been close friends and collaborators since they were teenagers, and have worked together on several projects over the years, including the Oscar-winning film “Good Will Hunting”, which they co-wrote and starred in. The duo also co-founded the production company “Pearl Street Films” in 2012, which has produced acclaimed films such as “Manchester by the Sea” and “The Way Back”.

With the launch of “Air”, Affleck and Damon are expanding their reach in the entertainment industry and aiming to bring diverse and innovative stories to the screen. In a joint statement, the two actors said, “Our goal at Air is to create a home for artists who are committed to telling stories that are both timeless and timely. We are excited to work with Jennifer Todd and our team to bring these stories to audiences around the world.”

While no specific projects have been announced yet, the launch of “Air” has generated excitement and anticipation within the industry. Given Affleck and Damon’s track record of producing critically acclaimed films, the new company is expected to produce quality content that will resonate with audiences. The company’s focus on diversity and innovation will also likely make it stand out in a crowded entertainment landscape. Overall, the launch of “Air” is a significant development in the entertainment industry, and it will be interesting to see what projects the company produces in the future. With Affleck and Damon’s proven success in Hollywood and the addition of Jennifer Todd as CEO, “Air” has the potential to become a major player in the production of film and television content.

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