Lil Vaugnie Releases ‘Lose Control’, the Story of Heartbreak Any Fan Can Relate To

Ethan Philbert also know as Lil Vaughnie is a skilled hiphop musician from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Like many artists, he strives to make the best music possible for his fans, and truly doesn’t disappoint. Starting from a young age he always had a talent, and expressed it in music. His lyrics have a strong meaning, and his flow is undeniable one of the best in the underground. 

Lil Vaughnie is one of the most slept on artist, but that doesn’t stop him from making quality music. His latest single “Lose Control” features an astounding flow and with the melodic story of heartbreak, pain, and how he got over it so fast. Vaughnie has so much on his mind, but is able to let it out through his music. 

It’s a great example of his talent, has shocked a lot of musicians in the industry and makes it clear why he is gaining global notoriety. It’s clear that a lot of time and heart were put into this single, and it definitely paid off. His soundcloud bars are beyond relatable to fans of all ages & has shocked a lot of musicians in the industry.

If you’re looking for some new music to check out in the likes of Juicewrld, Iann Dior and more, be sure to give Lil Vaughnie a listen. Keep up with Lil Vaughnie via his Instagram HERE

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